Covid-19 Update: Due to suppliers being closed down and not shipping many major elements of our boxes, our adventure box subscription service will be suspended until futher notice. Please read our full Covid-19 Update by clicking here.

We Believe in Unadulterated Immersion

Our Adventure Boxes allow Game Masters to create an incredible tabletop RPG experience that has the sights, sounds and even SMELLS that will immerse players in an unforgettable roleplaying experience each and every month. Our goal is to take a lot of the monotonous prep-work out of each session a Game Master prepares while equipping them to maximize creativity and spend time crafting an RPG world for their players.

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    Each box contains...

    • NEW DM Screen Box (Coming Soon)
    • Miniatures from WizKids and/or Reaper
    • An original adventure module by RealmSmith
    • Hand-drawn encounter map
    • Download code for a custom ambient soundest by Syrinscape
    • Themed papercraft terrain by Fat Dragon Games
    • RealmSmith Scented candle to set the ambiance
    • A Mystery item for the players
    • Vallejo Paint Pack (Optional)
    • FREE membership to 'The Realm'


    • You Subscribe
    • We receive your order and ship you the 'Shattered Shield Tavern' box within 30 days
    • We then ship subsequent boxes by the 25th of the following month
    • Once you've received all six parts of your first adventure we'll automatically start you on the next one in the campaign
    • You may cancel at any time in your account profile

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    "Just got my crate and needless to say, I am ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!
    Awesome theme and everything goes together.
    It could be ran as it’s own little adventure but it actually will fit perfectly in the campaign I’m getting ready to begin.
    Can’t wait to see everything on the table!
    Thank you so much!!!"

    Jeremy Gagliardi - Hermitage, PA

    Members of the Realm receive...

    - Access to D&D LIVE Session Interactive Voting
    - Exclusive 'Members Only' videos
    - 'Members Only' Facebook Group
    - Monthly Member's Hangout
    - Name on the 'Heroes of the Realm' Wall
    - Early access to videos

    The Cast

    Dungeon Master

    Jeff Roney
    as Sir Jinxiros
    Dragonborn Paladin

    Dave Morin
    as Balabar
    Gnome Rogue

    Todd Harris
    as Megil
    Wood Elf Ranger

    Bradon Perkins
    as Vor
    Half-Orc Fighter

    Latest Episodes

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