Realmsmith's Covid 19 Response

Due to the exceptional and truly unprecedented situation relating to the COVID-19 pandemic many of our content suppliers have temporarily closed their operations. At RealmSmith we have done our best to navigate these delays. Regrettably we have made the hard decision to pause new content development and procurement until global supply chains have been re-established. Here's what this means our subscribers:

·     Fulfillment of boxes 10 through 12 (modules RSB04 to RSB06) are suspended indefinitely. We understand that we were already delayed in finishing these boxes before the full effects of the pandemic were felt. We appreciated your patience and regret having to ask you to wait more.

·     New subscribers for boxes 1 through 9 (modules RSA01 to RSB03) we will continue to fulfil while supplies last. For those of you who have purchased you Adventure Box with the Paint Pack option many of your boxes will arrived without paints. This is due to our paint supplier, Vallejo, is completely shut down due to the COVID-19 situation in their home country, Spain.

It is our sincere hope and expectations that we will be in a position to resume operations as soon as possible but we are unable to provide a precise date at this time. Like many small businesses we are unable to provide refunds or credits to our subscribers; to do so would quickly bankrupt the company. We are, however, committed to fulfilling all pending boxes. As an alternative we would like to remind all subscribers that they may pause their subscription at any time by logging into their account at:

We will continue to provide news on our website and social media as updates become available.

Jason Azevedo
Joel Auge
Tim Morrison