About RealmSmith

The Team

Realmsmith, founded by Jason Azevedo in 2016 with the desire to create apps for Dungeon Masters, grew into a team of close friends (Above: Brandon Perkins, Joel Augé, Tim Morrison, Jason Azevedo) who collaborated to shipping monthly curated D&D adventure boxes in June of 2018. The goal: To empower Game Masters to guarantee a fully-immersive, well-prepared and thought-out module for their players, every single session. Now with an amazing community of DMs and Players, relationships with the best suppliers in the business, and passionate GMs the world over - we ship monthly adventure boxes y can crack open and enjoy with ywith minimal planning and maximum convenience.  Our goal is to help GMs have their players feel like the heroes they've dreamed of - but with a fraction of the effort.    

The Vision

We believe in unadulterated immersion.

Our Adventure Boxes allow Game Masters to create an incredible tabletop RPG experience that has the sights, sounds and even SMELLS that will immerse players in an unforgettable roleplaying experience each and every month. Our goal is to take a lot of the monotonous prep-work out of each session a Game Master prepares while equipping them to maximize creativity and spend time crafting and building a world for their players.

In each of our monthly adventure boxes you'll find:

Full-color Adventure Module: 5th edition compatible module written and designed by our own staff which provides cues on when to play moods from the Soundset and when to light the candle, etc. Each module can be used as a one-shot or to continue the ongoing campaign.

Premium Plastic Unpainted Miniatures: Curated to provide everything needed for a major encounter within the module.

Papercraft Terrain: Printed on premium card stock for you to simply cut out and build. We also offer the digital PDFs to download to print your own as well as instructions on how to assemble it all.

Hand-Drawn Map:
Drawn by our very own Jason Azevedo. The map provides information on the major encounter and a guideline of how the paper craft should be set up.

Custom Syrinscape Soundset: A Soundset for the Syrinscape fantasy player designed by our own team that includes original sounds recorded by RealmSmith.  

Themed Scented Candle: Soy-based hand-poured scented candles that set the mood for a  major encounter within the module. -

Mystery Player Item: A themed prop that is intended to be given to the players to enhance the story.